Friday, March 18, 2011

Dish World Iptv review

I live in US and wanted to watch Indian TV channels. Searched on the Internet, and found that DishTV is the one with most indian channel at most reasonal rate. I ordered dishTV but later on found that they could not put a dish at my home because of its location.Therefore i again went to internet and searched for other available options.
Found 2 choices:-
1). DishWorldIpTv
2). WatchIndiaTV - Have lots of Bad reviews on Internet.

Since watchIndiaTV had pathetic reviewes on the net, i opted for DishWorldIpTv thinking that since it belongs to Dish network, it would be any day better that Watch India TV. Even though there were no reviews available on net about it.
I ordered dishIptv having full faith in Dish.
I got a set top box which i connected to internet and instantly all the hindi channels were there of the package i choose.
The quality was good, and it worked fine. I was happy and even though it was costlier than WatchIndiaTV i did not think about the money since for me, peace of mind was more important than anything else.

But i did not know that this peace would not last long, and the after a week since i got the set top box, it started hanging(the picture on the tv froze), would hang 2-3 times a day, and if i restarted the set top box, then it would work fine. I did feel bad about it, but then too it was ok with me.
This continued for a week like this, but later this retrieving data, and picture hanging exagerated to a great extent that it was immposible to watch the TV, and now restart of the set top box also did not help .

Therefore i called the dishIpTv technical support number, and the experience with them i want to take few words to describe it:-
1). Bunch of very smart people who know how to fool you.
2). Have absolutely no basic manners how to talk to a customer.
3). Give such wierd explanations that you want to throw you phone away.
4). Will blame your internet service provider for the issue even before trying even a single thing.
5). Will send you a long email, asking you to run tests on your system, and  when you send them the results, you would not get any reply unless you call them and shout on them.

I dont want to write the full story here, but overall i was so disappointed with Dish. I could not believe that they would do this, or may be because the call goes to a another company neulion, which i guess is providing service for them.

but any ways i wanted to get it disconnected, but customer care told me that you had signed a 12 months agreement for it. I was so angry that i signed the contract but that would be valid if i get a proper service, if i am not getting any service what is the validity of this agreement.

After fighting for many days, i somehow got to their manager, who tried to help me by sending a replacement set top box. I got the new set top box and connected, and the issue was resolved, and
i was happy again, and tried to think positive, that now there would be no issue again, and i would somehow continue 12 months without any issue.

But the 2nd set top box worked fine for 20 days(suprisingly) and later had the same issue again.

Today i am writing this blog, so that anybody typing dish wold iptv review in google do get my blog and learn somthing from my expreience, and i really hope that you don't order this, since
its very new in the market, and These people would take time to learn something, better try them after 100 year.